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When you need a local company to pick up old appliances for you, don’t hesitate to call Left Coast Hauling for help!

Appliance Removal in the Tri-Valley

You might not think about it a whole lot, but appliances are important tools that help us live our day-to-day lives. We remove ingredients from the refrigerator or freezer every time we prepare a meal. Whenever our clothes get dirty, we rely on a washing machine and a dryer so we can wear them again. We even use coffee machines to brew a hot cup of joe for us in the morning! 

Once you really take a closer look, you can see that appliances are everywhere. Another reason you might start thinking about appliances more than usual is when you want to get rid of one. Is it time to part ways with an old appliance? Is it because it’s outdated, or has it broken down entirely? No matter why you need appliance removal services, we are willing to help you out! We are Left Coast Hauling, your community’s source of professional, affordable junk removal services. This includes appliance removal, so don’t be afraid to give us a call. We’d love to learn more about how we can help you out!

Junk removal experts performing apartment cleanout

Why Our Appliance Removal Services?

It’s common knowledge that appliances can be heavy, and sometimes, this can mean that handling them incorrectly is dangerous. If you’ve ever used a vending machine and noticed the warning not to rock the machine, you’ll understand why instantly. It’s because the device can tip over and flatten you if you’re not careful! The same is true of a refrigerator, a freezer, or a washing machine—that is, if you’re able to make it budge at all. All in all, do-it-yourself appliance removal may be a bad idea because it’s difficult at best and risky at worst. Don’t wind up underneath a toppled refrigerator. Instead, reach out to a professional junk removal business for help, such as Left Coast Hauling!


However, why should you choose us over the other appliance hauling businesses out there? The fact that we’re locally owned and operated in Dublin, CA is a compelling reason because you’ll get to support your community’s economy and entrepreneurs. Comparatively, franchises have to pay expensive franchise fees, meaning your money goes out of the state. It’s also worth noting that those very franchise fees jack up the prices of a franchise’s services. Since we’re not a franchise, you’ll find that our appliance removal cost is actually quite reasonable! You simply pay based on how much truck space is used by your appliance (or appliances).


Appliance removal is tough, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to be miserable grouches during your appointment. In fact, you’ll find that we are pleasant, friendly people that just want to help make you satisfied! We’ll always take some time to get to know you before we get to work, and we’ll maintain positive attitudes from start to finish. Of course, we’ll treat your property with respect, too. We won’t bash or scrape the appliance against the walls and floors. We’ll even sweep up where the appliance used to be when we’re done. That way, there’s no unsightly dust or crumbs left behind!

Residential and Commercial Appliance Removal

Our services are great for residents who need to get rid of an unwanted appliance. Simply let us swing by and guide us to the appliance’s location. Then, we’ll pick it up and haul it away! Are you a commercial entity rather than a resident? Well, you’re in luck, because we love business-to-business relations here at Left Coast Hauling. We can clean out a restaurant kitchen’s worth of appliances, or we can remove a few things from your office’s break room. Whatever you need, we are ready to help you out so you don’t have to do the work for yourself.

If you have appliances that simply have to go, then don’t wait to let us know about them. By contacting us online or calling us at 925-402-4663, you’ll get in touch with our crew of professionals right away. Just let us know about the appliances that you need to get rid of, and we’ll help you find an appointment time and date that’s best for you. We’ll see you shortly afterwards on your appointment day!

Residential VS commercial services
Left Coast Hauling truck

How Appliance Removal Services Work

  1. Before we arrive to haul away any appliances, we’ll give you a courtesy call so you know to expect us. We will always be there during the 2-hour arrival window.
  2. Once we’ve made it there, please lead us to the appliances so we can prepare an upfront service quote for you. Approve it to let us get to work!
  3. We will take extra care when removing heavy appliances from your home. If necessary, we will use helpful equipment such as a moving dolly.
  4. Finally, we’ll load your appliance onto our truck before accepting your payment. Thanks for choosing Left Coast Hauling!

Removing Appliances When Stairs are an Obstacle

A simple appliance removal job can be severely complicated by a stairwell. For example, if you have an upstairs kitchen with a broken refrigerator, or you need to update a washing machine that’s in the basement, how will you feasibly remove these appliances? As always, Left Coast Hauling is here to help. When it comes to tough jobs like these, we will make sure we have several pairs of hands ready to help out. Two or three of our professional junk haulers will make it easier to haul even your heaviest appliances up or down a flight of stairs. As stated above, we may use a moving dolly as well. We’ll be sure to strap it down so there’s no risk of it slipping away and taking a tumble. We know what we’re doing, and there won’t be any accidents. That’s a promise!

What Happens to Old Appliances?

We are an eco-friendly junk removal operation that doesn’t just dump everything we collect into the landfill. Instead, we seek out alternate solutions. One of the best ways we can dispose of an appliance is by donating it instead. If your appliance is in working condition, then we can always put it into a new pair of hands. The best way to accomplish this is by donating the appliance to a local thrift store. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a fantastic example.

What about nonfunctional appliances? What happens to those? Virtually all appliances have recyclable components, so we will take the appliances to a recycling facility that is willing to help with this process. After this, anything that’s left over must be disposed of. Of course, you will never have to handle appliance disposal on your own. Left Coast Hauling will handle it for you!

About Us

Left Coast Hauling is comprised of a professional crew that lives in this area and raises their families here as well. We’re all invested in our community, and we’ll do whatever it takes to serve our neighbors right. That’s why we serve residents and commercial entities. That’s why we take on jobs both small and large. It’s also why we haul away just about every kind of junk under the sun, too! Need our help next? If so, get in touch. Our appliance removal services and more are available now, and our crew can’t wait to get to know you!

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Kyle A.
Kyle A.
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Needed a hauling service quick as I was doing a little demo work and didn’t have a truck to use to get to the dump. Left coast was quick to respond, super helpful, good pricing and just a great overall experience. Highly recommended!
Kylie F.
Kylie F.
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Nick and his crew were FABULOUS to work with! They went above and beyond what we requested that they do and we could not be more pleased with the experience from start to finish! Their communication was great, they under promised and over delivered, and the huge project was taken care of in a friendly, professional manner that made us feel so much better about the big job! We cannot thank Nick and his crew enough for everything and could not recommend them more highly!
Matthew C.
Matthew C.
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Fast, efficient, clean, trustworthy, and professional. What more can you ask for? This is the ONLY company you should be using for your haul-off, demo, and cleanup.
Mijung H.
Mijung H.
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Very quick response after we contacted the business and we were able to get an estimate. They offered a very reasonable price. Ishmael and his crew did a great job. Helped clean out our junk very quickly. Even with the heat and the large amount of stuff we had, they did an amazing job!
James H.
James H.
Read More
I had left coast hauling recommended to me to remove a model railroad constructed in 1 bay of my garage. They completely and successfully removed the structure and disposed of many items stored for too long. They worked as efficiently as can possibly be expected and completed the task by mid after noon. Many thanks to two very hard working young men.


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