Left Coast Hauling is your mattress removal solution! Get rid of your mattress fast thanks to your local junk removal business!

Full-Service Old Mattress Removal

Left Coast Hauling is the right choice when you’re looking for a professional, affordable mattress removal service near you. Whether you’ve got a mattress, a bed, or several of each you want to get rid of, our team is happy to do the hauling for you. So take a break, sit back, and enjoy the show as we get to work. We’re the local experts for all junk removal services!

Mattress removal by left coast hauling


Mattresses can certainly be a pain to haul around on your own, especially if you've got a stockpile of them. Never fear, Left Coast Hauling is here. Let us do the heavy lifting for you!

mattress removal by left coast hauling


Got an old boxspring that's broken down and not doing its job well anymore? Maybe it's time for it to hit the curb - or, more accurately, the back of our hauling truck.

Mattress removal by left coast hauling


With every mattress, so goes a bed. When you're cleaning out an entire bedroom, we can help haul the mattress, box-spring, and the bed. Also see our furniture removal!

Full-Service Mattress Removal

24 yd truck

How Mattress Removal Works

Our mattress haul away service doesn’t waste your time. We show up to your home, business, or property, greet you and start our junk removal process right away.

Our Steps

  • First, we take a look at the mattress(es), then give you our upfront, all-inclusive quote. No hidden fees, ever.
  • Like our prices? Then agree to our quote to finalize it. From there, our team gets to work on hauling.
  • We haul your mattress(es) out of the property and into the back of our truck quickly and efficiently.
  • We’ll double-check to make sure we hauled everything you wanted gone. Then, just pay for our services. Done!

Mattress Removal Cost

Get a mattress removal price that’s more than agreeable thanks to Left Coast Hauling, your five-star rated junk removal business.

  • Always upfront quotes. We don’t wait until the end of the appointment to tell you how much you’ll be paying. Know from the beginning!
  • Volume-based pricing. We charge our jobs according to volume. So, what we haul is what you pay, and no hidden fees, either.
  • Choose local and save. We cost less to run than a franchise does and pass the savings on to you!
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