Yard Debris Removal

Left Coast Hauling does full-service yard waste removal near you!

Full-Service Yard Junk Removal

Left Coast Hauling, your local providers of all junk removal services, is ready to get to work outside! When you’ve got a messy yard and a cluttered landscape, our team is your quick and easy answer to bringing peace and tranquility back to the great outdoors. We’ll pick up the debris and toss it out for you, saving you all sorts of time. So, let’s get started!

Tree branches during yard waste removal services

Tree Branches

We can handle tree debris removal! Branches, limbs, and sticks are easily hauled away by our team. We'll put on our gloves and load it all into our truck.

Piles of yard debris in need of yard waste removal services

Leaves and Debris

Got some dead bushes taking up space? Need garden waste removal? What about hedge clippings? Count on us to haul all of it away for a fair, upfront price.

Old shed in need of shed removal services in the Tri-Valley

Outdoor Structures

Our team can also handle your demolition needs, so when you've got an old shed, garage, or other unwanted structure in your yard, we can tear it down for you!

Our Yard Trash Removal is the Right Choice!

24 yd truck

How It Works

Our landscape debris removal is full-service, meaning you can rely on the Left Coast Hauling team to do all the work. We don’t expect you to take the yard waste to the curb for us. Let us do the lifting instead!

Our Step-by-Step Process:

  • First, upon our arrival, we’ll check on the yard debris.
  • Next, we’ll prepare our upfront quote for the job for you.
  • Approve our quote, and we start working. Watch us get to hauling!
  • Eventually, all the unwanted yard scraps will be in our truck.
  • Lastly, we’ll process your payment, then drive the truck away.

Yard Waste Removal Cost

Thanks to Left Coast Hauling, your yard debris removal cost can be affordable and fair. It’s all because of our upfront quotes.

  • Upfront, all-inclusive quotes. No matter what junk removal job we’re doing, the pricing always works like this: we determine the final cost before we even start working, and then, we show that price to you so you can give your approval.
  • No hidden fees. All costs involved with your yard debris removal appointment are calculated into the quote and explained to you from the start. This means no hidden fees whatsoever, so you can give a sigh of relief if you were worried!
Hands paying for junk removal services
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Booking yard cleanup and junk removal is easy!

  • Book online to schedule your appointment ASAP! 
  • First, we’ll request you to choose your preferred appointment window.
  • We’ll ask for your contact info and details about the yard waste.
  • Simply fill those out, then click submit!

You can also give us a call!

  • Just call us to speak to an employee in our Dublin offices.
  • We’ll help answer your questions, book your appointment, and more.

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