Leftcoast Truck

Left Coast Services has a team of professionals dedicated to hauling away your old unused junk. We are committed to consumer-friendly services and scheduling that meets your needs.

At Left Coast Services, we will take care not only of your junk removal and hauling needs, but we can also help with your demolition projects too!

It doesn’t matter if you have a small home remodel, or a multi-million dollar project. We can get the job done. Left Coast Services removes construction debris off the job site quickly so you can get back to work. Our experienced team comes ready with the right equipment so we can demolish and haul away heavy materials.

Whatever stage your site is in, our Bobcat can help you break down and excavate those areas to clear the way for your new project. We can demolish a driveway, haul away materials, remove piles of dirt, concrete slabs, patios, sidewalks and more. The Bobcat also comes in handy when you need to pick up heavy or unusual items like tree trunks or other materials that can’t be hauled away by hand.

All of our trucks are equipped with tools, such as a grapple attachment, to tackle just about any non-structural demolition project you’d want us to handle. From decks, sheds, gazebos, spas, to bathrooms and kitchens, we have the experience to get the job done quickly and safely. We even streamline the project by loading the truck while the demolition is being performed, making the total project run cleaner and faster.

When you want the job done yesterday call us. You can rely on us and trust that the job that needs to be done will be handled professionally. Call Left Coast to get a quote or schedule our services today.

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