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Years of experience and hundreds of stories later we here at Left Coast are still doing what we do only bigger and better. We provide a service designed to make your life a little easier. We have our own equipment and a professional hard-working team ready to provide whatever light demo service you need.

Demolition isn’t just coming in and tearing down a shed or yanking apart a damaged deck. It is safely and efficiently taking apart structures manually and/or using mechanical equipment. We are specialists working with residential homeowners and commercial property owners.

left coast hauling junk removal expert on skid steer

When you are remodeling, it is more cost-efficient to find your own company to demo out and remove the old stuff than to let the installers bring in a team.

Home improvement is an incredible amount of exhausting work that never seems to end. Start off on the right foot by saving your energy for when you’ll really need it, like when it’s time to install the cabinets and you’re still trying to keep your sanity.

Some of the residential demo services we provide include:

If you need something demoed that you don’t see on this list ask us about it. If we can take it apart or tear it down we will.

If you are in the commercial industry, we get our exercise there too. Removing built-in bookcases, cabinets, built-in-furniture and getting it loaded on the truck is a workout that saves us from spending time at the local gym.

Special demolition equipment used by Left Coast Hauling

We can help save you money and energy on your remodeling project by helping you get rid of the old stuff. Maybe you have a hot tub that isn’t so hot anymore and it’s just taking up space. We can get that eyesore out of there and properly disposed of.

Every homeowner (unless “it” came with the house) has a story about whatever they are having removed. Swingsets have memories of small children laughing and playing attached to them. The scratched up bathroom cabinets and the burn on the countertop from your teenage daughter’s curling iron doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore.

As exciting as it is to put in a new bathroom (or other room) sentimental people sometimes find it hard to say goodbye to the old stuff. But memories last forever and those nice new cabinets in the bathroom look fantastic.

Let us help you with your next home or commercial improvement. We’ll get the old stuff out of there, loaded up and hauled away quickly leaving it ready for you to begin the next phase of your project.


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