Old office cubicles ready to be broken down

Getting Started on Cubicle Removal

There are many reasons why you might want to take apart a cubicle. You may be downsizing or cleaning out your office and need to lose a few cubicles. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you might be expanding your office and shuffling around the existing cubicles to make space! No matter the reason you need to get rid of cubicles, Left Coast Hauling wants you to know that the removal process is very feasible. Ready to learn how to disassemble a cubicle? All you need are a few tools:

Extra Hands are Helpful

Don’t forget to bring a friend, too! Having an extra pair of hands never hurts for this sort of work. After all, it’s hard to handle all these tools while removing cubicle panels. In addition, having another person with you is helpful because they can prevent cubicle panels from falling on top of you. Ouch!

Remove Cubicle Accessories

Of course, make sure to remove employee belongings from the cubicle first and foremost. It will be difficult to disassemble a cubicle when computer peripherals and office desk ornaments are showering down on your head.

Some cubicles come with accessories to help facilitate the process of moving employees into them. You may find that the cubicle you wish to remove has shelves or even an entire desk built into it. These accessories are usually screwed into the cubicle panels themselves. Take your screwdriver and remove the shelves, desk, or other accessories before moving on to disassembling the cubicle itself.

Removing Panels

Now here comes the fun part: removing the cubicle panels. How to take apart a cubicle differs depending on what sort of cubicle you are working with. There are many different brands of cubicles, including Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Allsteel. It’s just common sense that not all of these have the same construction plan. Fortunately, you have the tool of observation to help you out.

Examine the cubicle you intend to remove to see where you need to start. Generally speaking, when taking apart cubicle walls, remove the outer panels of the cubicle first, with the central panels being removed last. Are the panels bolted to connector rails on the floor? Use your wrench to loosen these bolts. Don’t see any bolts? Then use your rubber hammer to dislodge them.  Other connecting mechanisms you may encounter include latches, springs, and screws. Of course, you know what to do when you find a screw. Use your screwdriver to pop it out!

When your cubicles reach high and you need to remove those panels out of reach, your ladder will come in handy. Of course, take care when using your ladder. As a general rule, have three of your four limbs on the ladder at all times. Have your helper hold the ladder steady if necessary.

Disposing of Cubicles

If you don’t intend to relocate or reuse your disassembled cubicles, then you will need to find a way to dispose of them. Many cubicles consist of recyclable materials, such as metal, wood, and plastic. To avoid generating needless waste, we recommend taking these to a local recycling center. If recycling is not an option, and the trash pickup service will not accept your cubicles, then you may need to take them to the landfill yourself. Be prepared to pay a dump charge if you do.

If the process of how to disassemble a cubicle is overwhelming to you, or you are too caught up in day-to-day operations to take the task on by yourself, you may also consider a cubicle removal service. That way, you can get rid of cubicles without having to throw a wrench into the gears of your office’s progress.

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